NMTA - Membership Application Form

Members receive many benefits such as:

  • NMTA is a trade organization representing the interests of NM trappers.  
  • Youth development and education is one of our main focus points.
  • Receive a discount on commissions for all fur sales.
  • May receive the bi-monthly "Trappers Post" publication.
  • Receive NMTA Tracker quarterly newsletter.
  • Free access to all educational demonstrations to improve fur harvesting, handling, and selling. 
  • Representation in the NM Sportsman's and Landowner's Association.
  • E-mail alerts on issues important to trapping.
  • An organized voice and presence before the Depart. of Game and Fish, Game Commission and Legislature.




Please take a moment to print this application.  Then snail mail this back to us with your check to:

New Mexico Trappers Association
P.O. Box 34

Socorro, NM 87801

 Or click the link  to the Web Store and purchase your membership via credit card.

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“The NMTA expects its members to be: lawful, always following  NM trapping statutes and rules; respectful / thoughtful of other trappers, users, and landowners; and ever diligent in improving their equipment and techniques to ensure the ethical capture, treatment and / or dispatch of the animals they encounter on the trap line.”