Who are the "New Mexico Trappers?" We have come together as a group to provide education and training for all trappers to practice "Wise Use" of our renewable fur resources.

Wise use includes the development of leadership for the advancement of the best interests of trappers and the trapping profession as a whole.  We are a non-profit organization.

Wise use includes educating the public as to the necessity of trapping and harvesting fur-bearer populations.  We work in close association with cattlemen and ranchers and especially with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

Our youth are our future.  We strongly promote education and training of our youth and others who desire to trap.  We encourage all trappers to improve their techniques, to know the proper and safe use of their equipment, to know and practice the proper methods of taking the target animals, to be aware and informed of regulations and laws, and to improve their fur handling skills to increase their fur marketability.

We inform and educate our trappers about legal regulations and laws that affect our ability to trap in New Mexico.

Many of our families live in very remote areas.  Trapping for them is a way of life and for some, trapping is a sole source of income.  If we lose our right to trap in New Mexico, these families and hundreds of other trappers will lose their income and their heritage.

Trapping in New Mexico is a tradition.  The continuation of our freedom to trap here is in constant jeopardy and threatened by those that are not educated in the benefits of trapping.

It is very important that we all come together to make sure trapping in New Mexico is allowed to continued so as to bring income and hope to those that make a living trapping and for all of us that enjoy the freedom, the outdoors, and the time we spend with our children passing on our skills and our heritage.

Please consider joining us to help keep trapping alive and well.  Your help is needed now, more than ever.  For information on how to join, please go to the "Support Us" page.

From the Bylaws as amended June 28, 2013

The aims and purposes of this nonprofit corporation are as follows:

  1. To develop leadership for the advancement of the best interest of the trappers and the trapping profession as a whole.
  2. To educate the public as to the necessity of trapping and harvesting furbearer populations and controlling animal damage.
  3.  To provide education and training in the proper methods of taking target animals in traps so as to provide maximum humaneness.
  4. To oppose any proposed legislation which would impose unreasonable restrictions on the taking of furbearing or predator animals, or the sale of their pelts; to demand the revision or repeal of any existing law or regulation of the same nature.
  5. To inform the public of the privileges, pleasures, and education of the trapline and the concern and respect for nature that trapping imparts.
  6. To conserve and maintain an adequate supply of furbearer resources for the enjoyment of present and future generations.
  7. To educate and train our youth and others desiring to trap for sport, economic gain, or protection of livestock and other property, in the proper use and care of traps, applicable laws and regulations, and respect for wildlife resources.
  8. Provide assistance to the general public and N.M.T.A. members to improve their trapping techniques, equipment, fur handling and marketing abilities.
  9. To assist the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish in the management of New Mexico furbearers.
  10. To promote the improvement and preservation of our rich trapping heritage.
  11. To promote trapping as a legitimate use of resources.
  12.  To present oral and written comments opposing any proposed program or legislation which would irreparably damage furbearer populations or their habitat.
  13. To encourage methods of trapping which will protect non-target species.
  14. The N.M.T.A. shall be a nonprofit organization.  All monies or donations received shall be utilized to support the above aims and purposes.


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